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Wealth Management is more than just investment advice...

Wealth management can encompass all parts of a person's life: personal, family, & business.


Rather than trying to integrate pieces of advice and various products from multiple financial advisors, Volpe Financial Solutions offers a holistic approach in which a single broker coordinates all the services needed to manage your money as a private wealth management company. You and your family’s current and future needs are assessed by our financial advisor, Mississauga experts, and financial advisor Toronto experts to develop a specifically catered plan.


With this approach, you not only enjoy the advantages of a fully cohesive plan that has your financial goals in mind - but you also have the unique benefit of having one point of contact who can help with your private wealth management in Oakville. Volpe Financial Solutions prides itself on catering to individualized plans focusing on your best interests. Your search for “investment broker near me,” “financial advisor in Oakville,” and “wealth management companies near me” is over! Volpe Financial Solutions is here to help you as your private wealth management company.

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Wealth Management is a single broker who coordinates all the services needed to manage your money. At Volpe, our team of financial advisors for Mississauga, Toronto, and Oakville will help remove the hassle of going to multiple advisors for advice on various products for retirement planning and/or building your portfolio and just have one financial planner in Oakville.

By working with a single broker who coordinates all the services needed to manage your money you not only enjoy the advantages of a fully cohesive plan that has your financial goals in mind but you also have the one point of contact who will help you with all your wealth management questions and needs.

Get in touch with our private wealth management Oakville team today and get your very own financial planner in Oakville to prepare for the future!

What is Wealth Management?

Ready to start planning for your future? Contact us today and experience first-hand why we are the premier financial planner in Oakville. No more endless searches for “investment broker near me”. With Volpe Financial Solutions, you can truly secure your future and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your finances are in good hands. Contact us, the financial advisors Mississauga, Toronto, and Oakville area experts, today for more information!

No matter what your approach is, conservative or aggressive, Volpe will find a fit for you. If you're looking to create a conservative portfolio, Volpe has around 40% equity allocation to ensure stability and modest return. If you’re looking to build a portfolio with low-to-medium risk, reach out to our experts to build a balanced portfolio.

If your goal is to invest 100% equity while being comfortable having your equity fluctuate with the market, get in touch with our financial advisors in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville to learn more about our aggressive portfolio. With Volpe Financial Solutions, you will never have to search for “investment broker near me” ever again.

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Which Portfolio Is Best for Me?

What Type of Investments Are There?

Below are 3 main types of investments that are designed to help your money grow no matter what you’re trying to save for.

  • A Registered Education Savings Plan is an excellent way to save money and prepare for your child’s future.

  • This investment allows you to pay for post-secondary school expenses like tuition, books, and transportation.

    • RESP investments include

    • ETFs

    • Mutual Funds

RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plan)

  • This powerful savings vehicle is remarkable, because the contributions you make are tax-deductible, meaning that taxes will not be applied until you withdraw money from your account

  • You can use your RRSP to purchase just about any type of investment product

    • ETFs

    • Mutual Funds

    • Private Equity

RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plan)

  • This registered account enables you to achieve tax-free gains, no matter what savings goal you may have in mind

  • The type of options you have for TFSA investments are

    • Cash

    • Mutual Funds

    • GICs

    • ETFs

    • Private Equity

TFSAs (Tax Free Savings Account)

Time in the market, not time"ing" the market.

*Mutual Funds offered by Brett Volpe & Gavin Coscarella through Investia Financial Services Inc.


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Mutual Fund Representative

Performance Focused

Have you been searching for wealth management companies near me that offer a comprehensive monthly budget template? At Volpe, we offer exactly that!

Our wealth management Oakville office will help you ensure you can easily track your expenditures whether using our monthly budget template or working alongside our team. Click the button below to download our excel spreadsheet!



If your goal is to have a more robust understanding of investing to ensure you’re reaching your wealth management goals, then our financial advisor Toronto team has the information you need to be successful!

Our wealth management Oakville office is excited to invite you to book a meeting so we can chat more and help you learn everything you need to know, so let's talk!

Calculate Retirement Goals

Has retirement planning been on your mind lately? Or are you looking to understand your financial situation without being confused? Our Volpe retirement planning Oakville office will help take the stress off your shoulders.

Click the button below and use our online tool to help you prepare for retirement and know your financial situation without making it difficult!


Mutual funds, exempt market products and exchange traded funds are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc.

The particulars contained herein were obtained from sources which we believe reliable but are not guaranteed by us and may be incomplete. The opinions expressed have not been approved by and are not those of Investia Financial Services Inc. This website is not deemed to be used as a solicitation in a jurisdiction where this Investia representative is not registered.

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When you retire you want to lead a more active life, Canadians like yourself are thinking the same thing, and many Canadians are living a longer life than ever as seniors. But the one question that is on your mind is when can I retire and how do I plan for it? Private wealth management offers a personalized and comprehensive approach to managing your financial affairs and achieving your long-term goals. Whether you're planning for retirement, building your investment portfolio, or preserving your legacy, private wealth management provides the guidance and support you need to secure your financial future.

At Volpe, we believe the best way to begin your journey is to start with a checklist. No matter what your age it's never too early or late to start mapping out a plan.

Click the button below to book a meeting with our retirement planning Oakville team and get your very own financial advisor in Oakville to start mapping out a plan today!

What is Retirement Planning?

Researching for wealth management companies near me takes time because you want to ensure you find the best financial advisor Mississauga and Toronto homeowners trust. At Volpe Financial Solutions, we help guide you in the right direction and ensure you’re comfortable every step of the way. We’re not just a financial advisor Mississauga trusts; we’re family and here to help you build an exciting future.

Get Ahead With Volpe Financial Solutions

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