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At Volpe Financial Solutions, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the various options available and set you up with the most advantageous accounts for your unique financial situation.

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High Interest Savings Account

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Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are interesting investment tools that come packaged in insurance contracts. They provide a unique combination of growth potential and protection guarantees, balancing risk and security. Each segregated fund contract offers a set minimum return, ensuring the safety of your capital even in unstable market conditions. Additionally, they carry the potential for growth, which could potentially outpace traditional mutual funds. This blend of safety and potential makes segregated funds an attractive option for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio.​ 

Choose Volpe Financial Solutions today for a reliable and professional approach to handling your financial future. With our extensive knowledge and experience in managing segregated funds, we can guide you through this unique investment opportunity. Let's make your money work as hard as you do!

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Business Advantage Account

The high interest savings account is risk free. It offers high yield with no minimum investment and it’s flexible, since withdrawals can be made at any time, with no fees. When used for secondary investment, the account can be wrapped in a TFSA, RRSP, RIFF or US currency.

High-interest savings accounts are great, whether you want:

  • To wait for the right time to invest (for example following a major cash inflow)

  • Risk-free saving for a major purchase; or

  • A contingency fund for the unexpected

Business Advantage Account (BAA) is a high-interest investment account designed as the ideal complement to a traditional operating account. This account can be used by a broad range of incorporated and unincorporated organizations such as small businesses, charitable organizations, associations, unions and clubs.

Account holders can simply transfer or deposit excess cash into their BAA, earn a high rate of interest, and then easily access the cash again when they need it. This allows the excess cash to earn a high rate of interest without requiring the owner to manage T-bills or buy Money Market funds.

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All-In-One Banking

The Manulife All-In Banking Package is an innovative, mobile-based banking solution that allows clients to maximize their money from the palm of their hand. It’s a bundle unlike any other in Canada that combines an everyday banking and high-interest savings account with the ManulifeMONEY+™ Visa Platinum card and travel disruption insurance.

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Investment Loans

Investment leverage is a powerful tool that can accelerate the growth of your non-registered savings and help you achieve your financial goals sooner. As with any financial strategy, the key to success is finding the product that best meets your needs. Volpe Financial Solutions’ industry-leading lineup of investment loan products is designed to meet the needs of all of our leverage clients – from those trying leverage for the first time to more seasoned investors. E.g. 100% loans, multiplier loans and lines of credits. 

No bank will refer to to a mortgage broker and no mortgage broker will refer to a bank, but we as advisors can refer to both.

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