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Thinking about investing?

With such a wide array of information out there, oftentimes, finding a starting point can seem daunting. As financial advisors, we aim to provide guidance on how, where and when to invest. The advice we offer is based on your own unique situation, meaning we’ll uncover your personal goals - where you want to be financially, and when you want to be there - and provide you with a plan that is optimal for you.

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If you’re new to investing, you may be thinking to yourself: “I need to save more to get started. I don’t have enough to invest yet, nor would I really benefit from it”. Always remember, the most important factor when investing is time. The more time that you have in the market, the less risk you’re going to have to take to reach your financial goals.

Are Robo Advisors a Good Idea?

In recent years, young investors have been gravitating towards Robo advisors. They can be an attractive solution because they typically offer low management fees. Although this is true, it doesn’t always tell the full story because lower fees do not always equal higher returns. Financial advisors provide insight and analysis on market trends as well as offer alternative approaches to investing that may be more beneficial to your portfolio. In addition, an advisor can help you determine the proper asset allocation to fit your lifestyle. If you currently have an investment portfolio including holdings via a Robo advisor or trading app, a financial advisor can evaluate your existing investments and determine if they are still appropriate for meeting your short or long-term goals.

An advisor is going to be able to build a personal relationship with you and suggest changes to your plan in real time as you go through each stage of your life.

The Best Time to Start Investing is Now

Regardless of your situation, it never hurts to have a conversation. We at Volpe Financial Solutions are always available and eager to help. If you would like to discuss your current financial situation, as well as your short and long term goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page or by calling 416 702 1017.

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